About the Chamber

At its core, a Chamber of Commerce exists to make any community a better place to live.

As voluntary organizations, Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade are unified in promoting and developing strong and vital economies throughout Canada. Together, these non-profit organizations monitor both federal and provincial issues, solicit views from the business community and convey these opinions to the policymakers, while remaining politically non-partisan. Combined, the Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade are the “Voice of Business.”

The Caledon Chamber of Commerce is an avenue for the local business people of Caledon to create a positive business environment while providing a vehicle to promote the region for investment and tourism, as well as guiding people when they arrive here. The Chamber acts as a medium for business professionals and individuals to work together for the common good of business and community. As a unified voice, we promote and support the civic, commercial and industrial progress of Caledon and the social and economic climate in which we live and work. The Chamber also speaks for the business community at public hearings, to the media and behind closed doors.

The Caledon Chamber of Commerce is actively involved with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Locally, we have a long and proud history of community involvement with the Town of Caledon, working closely on issues of mutual concern.

Our members share the belief that a strong and vibrant business community nurtures all the other benefits we enjoy in the Caledon area. When a business joins the Caledon Chamber of Commerce, they can learn about current government issues affecting businesses, and they are encouraged to add their voice to the Chamber’s efforts to address them. Equally important is that the Chamber can then support them on issues of concern for their business. By joining the Caledon Chamber of Commerce, you are helping to make our community, and your business, healthier and more prosperous.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission


  • To be Caledon’s premier business advocate.

  • To develop policy positions that reflect the values and interests of the members.

  • To positively influence government policy in a visible, consistent and representative way.

  • To provide strong leadership to all members through consultation, access to business information and the delivery of valued programs and services.

Operating Principles

  • To be financially responsible and accountable to the members.

  • To establish and maintain a positive public profile for all businesses in the community.

  • To develop and sustain links to other community organizations.

  • To balance the interests of business with agricultural heritage and stewardship of the land.

  • To continually strengthen the membership and resource base.

  • To promote effective communication among members.          


To be the “voice of good business” committed to the economic, social and environmental health of Caledon.

Our core values focus on the belief that:

  • A healthy business community has a responsibility to enhance the local quality of life; and

  • All Caledon citizens share this responsibility.

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President's Message

Thank you for visiting the Caledon Chamber of Commerce website. Connecting with the Chamber will provide your business an opportunity to grow by networking with peer organizations and members of the community. In turn, this supports local employment opportunities, which is a key factor in the development and sustainability of our beautiful town of Caledon.

My name is Anthony, and I am the owner of the Caputo Group. I grew up in Caledon, moving here when I was in elementary school, and am raising my four children in this amazing community. I’ve seen Caledon grow from when it was just Highway 50 and a couple of stores, and I see the potential that this beautiful community has for all of its residents.

I will be honest, I was hesitant to join the Chamber as a member, but after speaking to the Chamber’s staff, and its current members, I realized not only the importance of a Chamber for Caledon, but also its benefits for all businesses. Providing a connection in a business environment brings the residents, businesses, and organizations of Caledon together to support one another and advance our interests.

As the Caledon Chamber of Commerce President, I am honoured to work alongside our dedicated Board who all share the same vision, business growth, and healthy community environment.

If you’re not a member of the Caledon Chamber of Commerce, contact us today to find out why your membership will be beneficial and what we are doing for our members. Plus, your membership will benefit your business and our community.

Anthony Caputo
President of the Caledon Chamber of Commerce

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